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Equipped with a gyroscope feature, this is a row of cheap 6 channel RC Helicopter

Nov. 25, 2020

Remote control toys do have their own fans. Interestingly, those who like remote control toys are not only dominated by children, but also adults. Even now, there are many communities where remote control hobbyists gather, from cars, ships, planes, to helicopters.


There are various types of RC helicopters, usually determined by the number of channels and specifications or features carried. Compared to other types, the price of 6 channel RC helicopters is relatively more expensive. However, on a number of online trading sites, it turns out that there are still 6CH RC helicopters at a relatively cheap price.


For example, the WLtoys V911S 2.4G 4CH 6-Aixs Gyro Flybarless RC Helicopter, WL Toys V966 6CH 3D Flybarless RTF 2.4GHz series, WL Toys V977 6 Channel 2.4 GHz Brushless Motor 3D / 6G Flybarless with Gyro, XK K130 2.4G 6CH Brushless 3D6G System Flybarless starting, XK Falcon k100-b 6CH 3D 6G System BNF, and many more.



Compared to 2CH, 3CH, 3.5CH, or 4CH RC helicopters, playing a 6 channel RC helicopter is considered to be more fun. The reason is, 6CH RC helicopters can usually be moved with 6 systems, namely up and down movements, turning left and right, forward and backward movements, left and right tilt, reverse helicopter position, until the helicopter is standing. The 6CH RC heli usually has 6 functions on the remote control and is accompanied by a trim for setting every move.


The RC helicopter from 3 channels upwards is also equipped with a gyroscope feature. A gyroscope is a tool for measuring or maintaining orientation, based on the principles of angular momentum. So the gyroscope on the helicopter serves as balance and stability even though the direction of the propeller rotates with the effect of the wind and the integrity of the helicopter body.


Currently, finding a 6 channel RC helicopter, both mini and jumbo, is also not difficult. The reason is that some large toy stores usually buy and sell this kind of RC helicopter. In fact, there are many toy traders who sell 6CH RC helicopters online via e-commerce sites.


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