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  • Interpretation of motospeed ck99 from the inside and outside of the keyboard

    Tempo: Nov. 18, 2020

    This time we bring the review of a low-cost optical mechanical keyboard, the Motospeed CK99 promises to be a great option within the models of lower cost.



    External Construction
    The external part of the keyboard starts the review very well, it is very rigid and does not have any type of metal edge or tips that can cause some type of accidental cut when picking up the keyboard in the wrong way.


    Its upper plate has an all-plastic finish that resembles anonymous aluminum in a dark gray color, with the Motospeed logo at the bottom right of the keyboard, just below the numpad. There are also 2 plate curvatures on the front and sides of the keyboard, these trim ends up spreading the keyboard even more on the table, increasing the impression of being a very large keyboard.


    Its back is also not metal. There are 5 rubber feet to keep the keyboard fixed in place, the 5 are present both when the keyboard is close to the table and if it is elevated, something good to see and that is often overlooked by some manufacturers.


    The cable is your generic rubber cable with a length of 1.8 meters, its tip is very close to the USB standard, being a little bit wider on all sides and that can hinder to take something small out of the USB port, but it should not make it impossible to plug in pendrives or other components.



    Internal Construction
    To open the keyboard we will first remove all of its keycaps, after that it is necessary to remove all the screws on the back of the keyboard and thus remove its upper cover and the acrylic that diffuses the underglow. After that you must remove the screws that are on the metal plate and then you can lift the PCB out of the case.


    The LEDs that make the underglow effect on the front of the keyboard are positioned on the back of the PCB, something we could notice is that it supports RGB lighting, so the decision to use single color LEDs is undoubtedly due to cost cuts , and we see no problem with that even more because they are white, that is, neutral.


    The switches are not soldered on the PCB, so removing them is not very difficult, just press on the back of the PCB and tighten the latches on the top of the switch as it comes out of the board. Because we don't use solders, this is one less concern in the long run and we don't see a reason why the keyboard won't last long.


    This keyboard undoubtedly takes the idea of ​​simplicity and quality seriously, both inside and out. Its PCB is well made both at the rear and at the rear, the switches do not depend on normal solders to operate, which already cuts the risk of a bad solder disrupting its operation and the switches are optical.


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