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    Tempo: Nov. 27, 2020

    1. WLtoys F949s 3CH 2.4G RC Airplane with Internal Gyro RTF Glider Composite Material RC Aircraft


    * Easy to control, strong stability, good sliding effect. You can turn the gyroscope on or off using the remote control during flight. After turning off the gyroscope, you can easily perform some movements like somersault and spiral, which are especially suitable for both beginners and advanced users.
    * The rudder volume size is adjustable and it can perform all kinds of difficult movements with precision, such as. B. Forward, up / down, turn left / right, fine adjustment, 360 degree rotation, spiral movement, loop, etc.
    * Designed after the real Cessna-182 aircraft, with a cool appearance. Epp composite material, high flexibility, excellent recovery, and not easy to break.
    * For indoor and outdoor flights, longer remote control distance and up to 200m flight range. Fly over open lawns, without concrete floors or trees, and a nearby utility pole.


    2. HAWK’S WORK 2 CH RC Airplane, RC Plane Ready to Fly, 2.4GHz Remote Control Airplane


    * Its first RC glider - lightweight and durable foam construction - allows it to survive after a few minor drops.
    * Extra batteries and spare parts: 2 rechargeable Li-Po batteries, 3 AA batteries for the remote control and extra propellers are included. You can play the day you receive it.
    * Ready and easy to fly: Built-in self-stabilization system, this rc plane is easy to fly. A beginner learns to fly after hours of practice.
    * 2.4GHz radio control system: The remote control can control the aircraft in 4 directions: up and down, left and right. And two or more planes can fly together without mutual confusion.


    3. Amazing Tech Depot Firstar 2.4G FPV RC 3CH EPO Airplane 30″ Wingspan Beginner Glider R/C First Trainer Plane RTF


    * 2.4GHz spread spectrum technology: better anti-interference ability, faster response speed, lower power consumption.
    * Excellent slow glide / high altitude flight. Exceptionally stable as a first person video plane.
    * Ready to fly, 3 channel complete airplane kit
    * Easy to use for beginners as it is lightweight yet strong
    * Lightweight, durable and impact resistant Epo material allows more than 20 aircraft to fly at the same time.


    4. GoolRC RC Plane, KF606 2.4Ghz Remote Control Airplane, EPP Foam Fixed Wing Plane


    * The size of the Ultra-Mini can be played indoors or in the community garden. The small courtyard is a good airfield, it does not require a large space and offers more comfort to the player.
    * Left and right double motor control, the body is made of durable epp foam, good flexibility and strong anti-fall. 2.4g receiver, built-in gyroscope, replaceable battery for a more comfortable flight experience.
    * Efficient aerodynamic contour design ensures good flight performance and good stability as well as better glide performance.
    * Approximately 11 grams of body weight, so that you can fly safely, do not worry about accidental bumps that damage the product or people and property.


    5. RC Plane Remote Control Airplane Ready to Fly, 2.4GHZ 2 Channel RTF RC Glider


    * New epp foam remote control plane, super light, flexible, soft and impact resistant. Once crushed, the pieces are quickly recovered.
    * The flight time of the RC plane is about 15-20 minutes and the charging time is about 120 minutes. We offer 3 batteries, which can extend the flight time and bring you more fun.
    * This RC airplane for kids and beginners is an easy to control and fly toy airplane. You can fly easily with just a few exercises.
    * The RC level has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope and is controlled by a 2.4 GHz transmitter. The powerful motor allows the aircraft to easily take off from the ground and launch by hand.


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